Gluten Support Program™, 30 day

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30 day

Serving Size:
See program guide.

Servings Per Container:
30 day supply

See program guide.

Gluten Support Program™, 30 day

Gluten Support Kit* - 30 Day Program

Gluten Support Program is a kit composed of nine formulas chosen for their ability to support the repair of damaged tissue, to restore immune system and eicosanoid balance and revitalize overall health in gluten-sensitive individuals.* Also included is an informative program guide offering guidelines for living a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle.*

The formulas in NuMedica’s Gluten Support Program work synergistically with a gluten-free diet to minimize the negative effects of gluten exposure in individuals with gluten issues.*

Each Program Contains:

Gluten Support Packs™

30 packets

Gluten Support GI Restore™ Powder

30 servings

Gluten Support PRP Balance™ Spray

5 ounces

GS Micellized D3™

1 ounce


60 capsules

  Gluten Support Program Booklet